Among my guitars I have a Squire Jagmaster, that not only plays quite well but has a bit of sentimental value. My dad bought it in 2000, as a project to teach himself how to build, and set up a guitar. He installed what I believe to be Seymour Duncan JB's in it, and it sounds quite good for such I an exceptionally cheap guitar. I inherited it in 2003, and I currently keep it in drop C tuning, and open tunings so I don't have to retune my Stratocaster, or Godin. I put 11s (up from 9s) on it for the first time in it's life, a week ago, which does wonders to compliment the down tuning, and my playing style in general.


There is only one problem... It has quite possibly the ugliest paint job I have ever laid eyes on. The entire body is colored silver glitter. Not just silver but literally glitter. I absolutely hate the way it looks, and was wondering if anyone had any tips for DIY guitar painting. I figured I'd get some Satin Black spray paint from Home Depot, sand it down, paint it, and call it a day, (maybe sand a few coats of paint after it dries to get a smooth finish) but I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I needed to know before I took such drastic action, and more specifically I wanted to make sure I could do it without trashing the destroying the guitar.

Any help, or tips, would be greatly appreciated.
you are more or less there. remove all the hardware. i dont recommend just taping them up as you will probably end up accidentally masking part of the body so when it done you will have little lines of glittery silver around the hardware peeking through your cool ass satin black. not cool.

and i suggest using some kind of clear finish on after you are done with the black. protects the paint and is better with sealing the tone in.
My Strat is sunburst, and I'd have no problem with that. I love the way sunburst looks on almost any guitar.

But the wal-mart glitter is just way too over the top for me.