I recently restrung my Strat with 11 gauge Fender Bullets... I'm not sure if that is the proper string name, but they were Fender Strings that sounded incredible.

Unfortunately despite theyre awesome sound, the strings seem to wear out really fast. Is there anything I can do ? I'd hate to have to have to go to Elixiers...
i don't really know how to break this to you, but fender bullets are complete garbage. Id recommend some ernie balls or d'addarios
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Fenders wore out really fast for me to. Ddarrios are good and Ive been using GHS lately with plenty of life. The elixers broke to much.
I'd say either D'addarios or Ernie Ball. Bullets seem to wear out pretty fast. I was only going D'addario, but started using Ernie Ball and I think I'm going to go back to D'addario cause the Ernie Balls seem to wear out pretty quick on me too.
Fender strings are just terrible!

Personally I use GHS - they have a nice tone and they seem to last forever.
Thanks for the advice. They played great the first week they were new, now they're just starting to wear out. I usually keep GHS or Elixers on my other guitars, so I guess that day will come for the strat.