What are bands you like to listen to live recordings of more than just recorded? I have a live Eagles concert on DVD, and I like the songs on there much better than I like the recorded versions. What about you, what bands do you like live recordings of more than songs of non-live albums?
Dream Theater /\ Curses, beat me.

And Porcupine Tree. Oh, and Sabbath, back when they did tours.

Also, Godspeed You! Black Emperor was amazing when they were touring.
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I killed the Prom Queen.

Butcher passes the mic around the front row through parts of the songs, and some of the audience members are amazing, and some suck so bad that I get a good laugh while listening to a band I love.

Why'd they have to split?
Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Grateful Dead
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Satch, Johnson, Vai, Malmsteen.. the live show is always more interesting than the studio recording.

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The Smashing Pumpkins
Louis Armstrong
Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Why'd they have to split?

I feel you, I've been listening a lot to I Killed The Prom Queen, it's a shame they split up.

On topic, Led Zeppelin. They sound just as good as the recordings, if not better.
MAB, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Metallica, Buckethead, AC/DC, and a lot of blues players.
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This and The Doors
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Dream Theater.

They are flawless live.

I happened to catch part of their set as I was leaving the theatre after seeing Opeth on Progressive Nation '08...

Their light show gives me headaches. I kinda think they're a bit full of themselves. Talented, yes. But not my kind of thing.

Opeth live is amazing.

Also the Chili Peppers were awesome.

EDIT: How could I forget this????? LAMB OF ****ING GOD puts on one of the best shows ever. They're ****ing tight as hell and make the stage look awesome without being too flashy. Bad. Ass.
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On his Live at Montreux '86 DVD, he was fucking awesome.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5qoiQLc-Q0
Solo starts at around 4:25
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I pretty much like the live albums better for every band. I ike the energy.

That said I think the one I like listening to the most is Queen.
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The Eagles are the greatest live band ever. Uber tight, and they improvise a shit-ton. They sound great too!

Interpol are even tighter and sound very much like they're in the studio, though they don't improvise much, by nature of their music Paul Banks' voice is freaking awesome live though.

I'd love to see some quality footage of Kasabian live, but I've yet to really find anything beyond someones crappy audience recording.
Kiss, Blind Faith, Cream, Anything else with Clapton, Zeppelin
also, Queen!
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Sex Machineguns

they have a song all about mandarins with a 6 minute guitar battle in the middle - PURE ****ING WIN

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AFI are incredible live

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