I'm looking at getting a multi-fx pedal soon, and I'm considering the gt10.

I've heard this pedal can switch between between the channels on your amp. Can anyone confirm this?

It's appealing to me because it would definitely save me a few bucks from buying the expensive JSX footswitch along with a number of other pedals.

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Yes, I asked a guy in a shop to demonstrate the GT-10 a little, and he showed me that with a little parameter editing, you can make so that either of the two CTRL pedals to change your amp's channel.
I was extremely dissapointed with the GT-8's sound quality but maybe the GT-10 is better.
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Went on my mates GT-10 the other day, and its great !

can do so much stuff. But takes awhile to program everything etc
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i really like the GT's sound quality. But I do not think that a multi effects pedal is able to switch the channels on that of your JSX. And instead of the rip off Foot switch that Peavey sells, you could just using something like

Believe what you want, but the shopkeeper who gave me a demonstration changed his amp channel between distortion and clean with the use of GT-10. Now I don't know how this works with amplifiers with more than 2 channels though.
hrmm, did he change the channel on the amp or the amp model from the gt-10?
what ever the case, ill just go to my local guitar center and see.
You can use a gt 10 to switch amps channel. The channel switch cable has to be pluged into the gt10 for it to work. Page 132 of the GT10 manual explains this.
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