I want to get some muscle mass.

Aside from push ups and sit-ups, what else can I do in my cramped bedroom.
Already tried fapping, but I began leaning to one side a lot
Crunches. Pull ups. Read the book "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" by some author I forgot. It really helps.
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Fap with your other hand. And then do it with your feet. Should give you an all-around workout.
pairs of dumbells at different weights allow you to do sooo much!
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Protein. Lots of protein after you work out. I lift some dumb-bells and do sit ups and push ups when I can't make it to the gym. If you're willing to spend money, get some workout supplement. I take naNO Vapor, and it works pretty well, IMO.
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there's only one kind of exercise i do in the bedroom

amirite gals

Yeah, babe.
fap. that's the only excersise needed in the bedroom unless you have a gf.
Get some dumb bells. Do squats which are easier to do against a wall, especially if you have an exercise ball.
fap with dumbells tied around your wrists.

your biceps will be huge!
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Wow TS, this is a seriously great, original idea.

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fap with dumbells tied around your wrists.

your biceps will be huge!

Not if he only lasts ten seconds...
This thread is relevant to my interests.
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some truly smart fapping ideas
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