I'm looking to dye the fretboard of my S7320 to a dark ebony, but I'm want to keep the look of the grain and not ebonize the fretboard completely black.
I've come across Black Fingerboard stain from Stewmac, and it's meant to be used on Ebony fretboards with white streaks to make them look totally black and practical, so if I were to use it on Rosewood, would it make the fretboard darker, but keep the grain visible at least? I'm looking to get a result something like that of Maarten Hagstrom's (of Meshuggah) custom Ibanez, which supposedly have dyed rosewood boards according to jemsite.
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ebony is a type of wood, you can't magically change rosewood into ebony. but If the stain makes ebony fretboards totally black, i doubt you can see much grain at all on a rosewood.
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You would see the grain in the sense that it would not be filled in, but there won't be any colour variation. It will be a uniform black.
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Allright, that's the idea really to keep the grain pattern and feel and have a darker look to it. Does anybody know what inlays would look best with it? The plain white ones are gettin a bit old.
And to aetherspear, I know I can't magically change wood species, it's the colour ebony I was aiming at
I'm liking the idea of Mother of Pearl inlays (thank-you Erock)
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