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So a friend of mine came over the other day and played on my guitar a little bit.He adjusted the strap to make it higher up. I decided just now to try playing standing up, since I haven't in a while. I found that it was a lot higher than normal, and that I could play just as well as I can sitting down. My queston is though, does playing with it this high make me look like a douche?

That's my mouse in my right hand, by the way. I had to click to take the picture, but I wanted it to look like I was playing.

PS I don't think this is spam..But if others feel that it is, I will delete this.

Thanks for the help
Lower it a little bit, make The buckle rash actually on the middle of the guitar.
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haha no. i play with my strap higher than that. why would a higher strap make you look like a douche, especially if it makes it easier for you to play.
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make The buckle rash actually on the middle of the guitar.

Forgive my ignorance (I'm dreadfully tired), what do you mean?

you actually seem like more of a douche for asking that question.

Nope. I think Mikael Akerfeldt and John Petrucci play that high, and they by no means look like douches.
everyone has their own opinion but having it that high wouldnt bother me any... if you can play good music then hell you can have it around your neck for all i care... looks fine their

its ok if you have godly chest hair like mr morello here.
jk, you look fine. dont worry about trivial stuff like that.
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I hold it lower cause that's what is comfortable. If that height is good for you, then there is no need to ask.

looks fine

two of my friends play that high, but one plays blues/country (suits the style) and one plays christian hardcore so he can spin and jump around

but lowering it to the crotch level looks cooler imo

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well, you look like a douche without the guitar, so, yes you look like a douche
ps is that a threadless tshirt?
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well, you look like a douche without the guitar, so, yes you look like a douche
ps is that a threadless tshirt?

Thanks man

And no, it's from uneetee
Nah, I wear mine just as high if not higher.
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dude, play however you feel comfortable. looks don't matter
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dude, play however you feel comfortable. looks don't matter

I think they do to some degree. I could definitly adapt to any height if I needed to

All the cool indie bands do it. Seriously though, it's what's comfortable for you.

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no, you do not look like a douche.

but the mouse on your guitar is funny.
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high guitar = this guy knows what he's doing
low guitar = this guy is trying to compensate for his lack of talent by trying to look cooler

the choice is yours
If it's comfortable, do it. That's the most important part.
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I personally like to keep mine lower (It feels better for my right arm for some reason), but it looks fine. It doesn't really look that high.
I usually play so the center of the guitar is between my bellybutton and crotch.

But you don't look like a douche at all.
Spamwise, that is Tony Iommi level. You are in good company.

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