FS/FT: EHX Small Stone & Small Clone, Boss NS-2, DigiTech Digidelay & Grunge

A few pedals for sale or trade:

- Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter, $50.
- Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus, $60.
- Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, $60.
- DigiTech DigiDelay delay pedal, $60.
- DigiTech Grunge distortion pedal, $30.

All pedals are in great shape with the exception of the Small Stone which is missing the battery cover on the bottom. But this does not affect the playability of the pedal AT ALL. Just a missing cover. Who uses batteries anyways?

I'm also open to offers. All prices include PayPal and shipping.

Please feel free to email mikerockstar AT hotmail.com or PM with any questions.
I have no camera at the moment, so I cannot post pics of anything except the Grunge (which I already have pics of). I'll try and and get on that.

I'm open to trades for the following pedals (willing to add cash):
- EHX Micro POG or original POG
- DigiTech HarmonyMan
- MXR Phase 90
- a Pedal Power 2 or equivalent


where would you ship to?
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Sorry for the delayed reply,
I thought the site would email me when I got posts, but I guess I didn't set it to do that.

Delay is still available, and I'm willing to ship anywhere for the right price. My prices include shipping to Canada or the US (I live in Canada). Probably add at least $10 for overseas.

Thanks for your interest!