Posted this awhile ago, but I took it down and edited it up a bit for (hopefully) improved flow. Like always, helpful comments will be returned.

I remember
when I was just a kid,
all of the stupid shit we did
because we couldn't see
far enough in time to know,
life lasts longer than right now.
Where all the real shit goes down.

So I taunted the traffic
hung my head out to die.
Got beaten on by bullies and jumped
off trees into the sky
because I couldn't break no bones.
I was invincible.

I always wanted to grow older
when I'd be a big strong man
but I didn't think it'd be so boring,
and I'd be so afraid of death.
I wish that I could die,
so I'd be reborn again.
Further from the end.
I couldn't help but hearing "No Woman, No Cry", playing in my head along with this piece. It also has the same feel to it, and I found it rather intriguing. It put a smile on my face, as both Marley and yourself have something in common here. It's written with sorrow yet some relief about it, some peace that leads to acceptance, even though these are not necessarily good emotions/events.

Though this piece benefited from the comparison in my head, I extremely enjoyed it this way and at the moment I cannot muster a word against it.

I may edit some ideas later, but right now I'm content.
This is not a pipe