Since everyone was so helpful with my last thread and since a few requested my other work, here is one of my light-hearted songs I sing for my gf. Kinda inspired by Piano Man and I Will Write You a Song by the Plain White T's.

The Fool

I might not make lots of money
I might not buy you gold
But I sit in this bar
And play my guitar
And sing you the songs that I wrote

I’m the one they call the fool
Strummin’ my six string on this bar stool
I may never have fame
And oh what a shame
Cause for a moment
I could ease all your pain

I might not have a hit single
I might not sing like John and Paul
But if you hum me a tune
I’ll feel this whole room
With music about love and heartache


I may not have the best figure
And my face was made for radio
But if you need friend
Then I’ll be your man
At least ‘til you’re sober again

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