Hey guys. Wrote these lyrics a little bit ago...I think they might have been in response to Heath Ledger's passing, as I was (and still am) a huge fan. But, I wanted to see what you all thought about them. The song's called "Eden" (i know, original, right? lol) and I had written it thinking of a fast, driven tempo. Along the lines of a thrash or hard rock song...if that helps. Thanks again.


1. Shadows slip across the room
Merciless advance
Eager tendrils to entomb
Those in its way by chance

2. Your eyes only see the world
Withered on the vine
Into darkness cruelly hurled
Fuel your own decline

Pre-chorus Patching up deadly flaws
Denying when they show
You’re in a corner
Out of lies
Got nowhere to go

Chorus Flirt with the devil
Pay the price
Caught in your web
Of false paradise
Eden (slipping away)
Eden (slipping away)
So far away

3. Madness drains reality
Self indulgent void
The perfect life; a falsity
Ruin you can’t avoid

Bridge Time after time
(No sanity to cling to)
Time after time
(Nobody had told you)
Time after time
What a curse this life can be

Chorus, repeat, etc….

Edit: Sorry about the formatting issues. It didn't quite go through the way i wanted it to.
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