I posted here a while ago about my guitar. I put 2 dirty fingers in it and I don't think I did it right. The neck is working fine, but the bridge has a terrible hum. Similar to what a single coil's hum. I was playing with a clean sound, and the neck pickup is almost twice as loud. I neck pickup just sounds better, it's fatter and has more distortion. The bridge sounds weak and brittle, a little like my strat. I think I wired the bridge in single coil mode. How do I fix it?
test the coils with a piece of metal while you're plugged in. Metal on the magnetic coils will create sound through your amp. Test one coil of the bridge pup, then the other. If you get the same sound both times, then it's not wired as a single.
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I tried it and nothing happened. On the neck pickup, I got a hum similar to what the bridge constantly does. But when I went to the bridge, the hum was always there, and there was no change in sound when i put my screwdriver near either of the coils