hey all, iv jsut peiced together about a 4 minute song, jsut open chords but none the less it sounds pretty nice, but i only have lyrics so far for around the first minute or so, but the way its panned out im not sure iv i even need to fill it up with more lyrics, im jsut wondering if u guys think its vital to have lyrics through-out, or if its good just to have a lengthy buuilding up of the music alone. i dont know if this is copping out or what, but it sounds alright without, jsut unsure weather to fill it out with more words or not, ultimatly my question is, is it ok to have a good part of the song with no lyrics?

sorry if this isnt the right bit to be posting this on, couldnt think of where else to go :P
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the best thing to do at this point for you, if you're serious about your post and not just posting as an afterthought, would be to get a good classical guitar, get your parents to pay for lessons twice a week, and after a year or so see if you feel like taking your life in the direction of music, or doing something/ many things else i guess. because songs written by half-hearted songwriters always ****ing suck. and by your post you don't seem as serious as one maybe should more be, judging by your gratuitous use of the tongue out symbol, aka colon capital p of the century.

also though, this is not a correct forum for this post.
iv been playing a guitar for many a year, and i alreayd know thats what i want to be doing.
wasnt really asking for a lesson in life, was jsut asking about a little triffle i was having with songwriting.

not being an ass, just felt you were being a little dismissive
hah geez dun worry bout it iLoveEmoMusic~ well basically i find to be o if its juz generally music..especially when you are talking bout some alternative rock or post rock musics~ these genre usually haf more music than singing (sometimes only pure instrument piece) so as long as you feel thats its nice~... Way to Go!! hehe
i was being a lot dismissive (war das nicht ganz klar?)

mostly because of your :P sign

and a little bit because you posted this without reading the rules

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