This song has a great feel to it. The piano sets up an emotional atmosphere and it really gets big when the bass comes in. My only complaint is that it sounded more like a backing track than an actual song. Try adding vocals or maybe a guitar or keyboard solo. The song had a great atmosphere but there just wasn't enough melody for me.

Nice song though.

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Sounds really good, really well put together. I especially love the intro piano bit.

Crit for crit? I have a few things on my page, a song/shredskill thing =p

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So I listened to Something Bassic, nice little mellow thing I dig it
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Nice work! I like the transitions from instrument to instrument, first piano, then piano with bass, then guitar, ... It gives the song a kind of progressive variation and I'm really into that, it makes music more creative and original.. Great work!
Just one thing though, around 1.20 the guitar and bass just don't seem in sync.. It gets solved after 20 sec or something but it just feels weird before that.. Am I doing it wrong?

Overall, great work though! Kudos!
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