Will an 11 hole pickguard fit on a Strat that uses an 8 hole pickguard? I have the latter, and I want to buy a loaded pickguard on ebay, but they all use 11 hole pickguards. I don't mind having to skip a few screws, as long as everything lines up properly (I suppose I could just cover the pickguard holes that don't align). I do not want to drill holes in the wood though.
The holes look really close except for the on by the pickup switch. I know you want to avoid it but, could'nt you change the pickups to the old guard if you had too (worst case scenario)?
It will fit the only difference is the # of screws and their location, some of them may be in the same spots. Why the problem with drilling new holes ??? Unless you have some rare Strat don't sweat it even if you chip a little of the top finish it will be covered by the pick guard anyway.A good way to avoid that is to put masking tape on the body where you are going to drill,lay the new pickguard down on it and drill thru the hole of the pickguard. Also as cranium2001 said you can always switch all the electronics to your old pickguard without having to mess with any of the wiring except the three that you would have to solder anyway.
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