hi guys,

My band, Dead Puppy Society is having an album coming out around November and we are going to be interviewed on radio before our main single is played. If anyone out there has been on radio and done well, or even works on radio can you please give me and the group a few pointers. Although I have been on radio once during primary school tips would be great.

Much appreciated.

P.S nothing stupid like muck around and act like a faggot.
Dead Puppy Society
=When the going gets tough, the tough get going=
Be funny, people like funny people. Make sure you don't mumble and definately link the listeners to your website. And definately, I mean DEFINATELY don't show you're nervous. Be confident that you have what it takes to make it, and that your music represents that.

Also, what music do you play? d'you have a myspace or something?
I made a myspace but then realized i had a typo on it, i will make another one i think
Dead Puppy Society
=When the going gets tough, the tough get going=
i went on the radio on the same day as a few other bands, and most of the other guys tended to sound really boring. you gotta just be fun and interesting to listen to. don't take it too seriously. it can be a bit scary to think that theres going to be alot of people listening but dont let it bother you, just think of it as you and the radio presenter. if there's other people in your band it will make it easier, but don't let there be awkward pauses when you guys are deciding who's gonna answer the question. just rush in.
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