do you guys have any tips for writing melodies. I pretty new so im just trying to write for simple chord progressions. I know that certain chords sound good with certain scales but whenever i rty it just doesn't sound right.
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Try humming over it first, just to build an ear and a feel for what melodies sound good, then practice. It's just like technique, you have to practice and you'll get better.

Do you know any theory?

im trying to teach it too myself through the internet
I found that my melodicness came naturally, just as a result of developing

When I started writing songs, I found that the vocal melody tended to just follow the chords with very few frills.

Pretty soon though, you start to incorporate little peaks and troughs that pull the progressions in interesting harmonic directions. It's the same with the melody on leads and things, too.

In terms of learning how to do it, your best bet is to learn a bit of theory, because you'll be able to create vamps around any chords, which will translate into melodies!

Hope that makes sense.