I have an epiphone les paul standard plus and roland cube 30x,
and I wnat to set up the settings to get the best sound of sweet child o mine,
paradise city (guns n' roses's songs) , stairway to heaven (Led zeppelin's songs)....


and maybe there is a website that you choose your guitar, amp and song and it gives you the right settings?
Playing songs written by other artists is really about adding your own thing to it imo.. But that site telling you right settings would be freaking awesome.. But yeah, it's basically up to you to figure out what you want it to sound like, and figure out the settings.
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sweet child o mine: neck pickup, r-fier model ~6-7 gain. low-7; mid-6; high-6-7. think so.
stairway: acoustic model ~7-8 gain(ya, lol), neck pickup/split neck.
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and what about the guitar? what sohuld i choose in the tones?

Other suggestions?
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i know it should be half down tune.

Is there someone that have epiphone les paul standard plus and roland cube 30x that played sweet child o mine and can give the settings?