Currently I am using a Carvin SX200 combo amp through a Boss ME-50 effects pedal and am hoping to upgrade to some tubes.

My guitar: Jeff Loomis Signature Schecter 7 string (EMG 707 pickups)

Used for: Mostly Metal (Around the heaviness of As I lay Dying), but a good lighter sound would be nice as well. Occasional cleans, but not so important.

Where: In my room and gigging small-medium sized venues. (Neighbors have not been a problem thus far).

Price Range: Probably around $500-1000.

Some things I was considering:


Edit: If anyone feels so inclined my profile / this myspace page myspace.com/lemonstainers sort of detail my style although the recording are somewhat old.

Off topic: I need a new band name : P
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That's not a bad setup for 550, less if you could talk him down.

I'd also check on this





These 2x12s seem like the cabs I'd like http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/msg/837212390.html

Definitely in better condition than that marshall with the mesa F50. How much do you think I could get the F50 for without that halfstack.


Also what would be my second best to a mesa head? A 5150? There are some of those up in seattle i could take a look at I believe

Edit: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/msg/840863304.html
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I would go with the XXX combo if I were you. But that 6505+ for $850 in great condition is def worth checking out.
I agree with what these guys are suggesting but also wanted to applaud you for creating such a great thread with all the right information and some samples of what YOU had found.

I wish everyone would do this as it cuts down on the cycles!
Thanks for all the help thus far!

The other day I picked up the two 212 cabinets with the Celestion V30 speaker and I'm still trying to find myself a good head.

Does anyone have experience/advice with/about the Carvin V3?