I'm also jsut learning guitar as well...

could someone hook me up with some really easy songs to practice and some tuts?

for your info, I can play O Christmas Tree, and Ode to Joy...yeah don't laugh, you were at theis level too once...
Hoes it going...

I would suggest checking out the guitar and bass basics forum stickies. The 21 day challenge and the beginner songs program, they should both help.....

Also, UG has loads of tutorials, juat figure out what you want to learn and odds are what you want will be there
And if you look up, at the top of the page, it is a "lesson" section.
Ug.tv has lots of guitar lessons too.

Welcome, by the way.
Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land
Hi im a noob too :/

i tell you its not easy to teach youself
via ultimate-guitar.com

so if there is someone that would like to help meh...
it would be greatly apriciated.

i basicly just want to know were i should begin.

i got basic chords and sum scales aswell as some tabs ...
but its all starting to confuse me now !!!

help please....
Just keep on practicing and you will get it eventually, and also a reminder that this forum is for new members to introduce themselves and to ask about the workings of the site, if you want to get advice i would suggest going to the guitar and bass basics forum for help.