i'm working on a new song that is an indie pop song with a feel good touch. I'm not really done with it yet couse i'm kinda stuck at the lyrics and the structure.
I really think this song is a good one, or can be good, and i don't say that much about my own work. I'm looking forward to some tips how to make this song complete!

the song is in my profile and is called "Around"

Crit for Crit!
Pretty nice guitar parts, and some of the vocal melodies were great. I didn't like the drums much, but I think that might have been because of how they sound through my crappy laptop speakers.
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I like it, it's catchy. The vocal melody fits with the lyrics well. I would suggest make the guitar riff distorted in some parts, to add some dynamics, or play the guitar riff first, then come in with the drums, but it's all up to you.

I think what the user above meant was that the bass drum was too bass, and , maybe , and I'm listening to it on a pc.

that bridge part at 1:10, it sounds kind of electronica

If you have time, could you crit my cover(s)? It's on my profile, thanks.
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