Well, I have a decision between an amp with tubes or an amp with vacuum tubes(?), not sure about that. My first option is to buy a Peavey Valveking head and an Ibanez cabinet for around 580bucks. I'll have 20left over. My other choice to buy a Peavey XXL(used) from craigslist for 350bucks. I'll have 250 left over. I dont know what to do. Because I'd rather have a tube, cause im not sure about vacuum tubes or whatever.

Which would be better? If i bought the XXL i could buy a pedal with the money left.
Oh, i play hard rock and metal.
I'm pretty sure the XXL is solid state.
For 600?
B-52 AT112
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I think a Bugera 333xl or the B-52 would be good.
I'm with Felix, can you buy used? What part of the world are you in? (The XXL is a Hybrid I believe, didn't bother to google - just running off memory).
Edit: V--- next time I will google. Thanks!
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I'm with Felix, can you buy used? What part of the world are you in? (The XXL is a Hybrid I believe, didn't bother to google - just running off memory).

XXL is solid state.

I think its supposed to be the solid state equivalent of a XXX.
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closer to Pittsburg or Philly?
Metal only?

B52 AT combo, Bugeras are just over $600, Valveking maybe with an OD, EQ and possible speaker swap. Although I've heard some pretty convincing metal tones out of stock VKs too. I see you have VK212 'coming soon'. Why a 212? Do you need 100 watts? VK112 is only $400 but i think you know that from talking to you before.

Vypyr maybe if you don't mind a hybrid. Seem to get praise. Cubes are good too for an ss amp. Of these, i've only played the Valveking so I'll shut up now.
vaccum tubes suck.

no, bad joke? not funny? damn, i tried

well, out of the two options you mentioned the first choice is the better amp. however, i dont think the valveking is really a metal amp. the bugeras and B52s people have mentioned are probably better options. i think the peavey windsor is supposed to hard rock well, but its a single channel amp so its not going to be wonderful at going from real heavy to clean.
used gear in Pittsburg - as an example

Marshall JCM800 Mosfet $300 wut? (need a cab but no big deal)

B52 Stealth 100 (also need cab) never heard of it actually. $300

Randall RG75 ss amp in camo (not really, but thought of you) $185

Peavey JSX $600 - ooooh, do this before i drive there and get it myself

sorry if Pitt is too far
^ holy crap that is a steel on the JSX!!, Hurry and buy that TS before its to late.
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Anyone know of any 600 good tube amps? Like for metal? used or not.

oh, and I live in PA.

I just gave you some
Oh man that JSX is a ****ing STEAL!
PLEASE pick that up if you can.
i would snatch that JSX up. Like right now.
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