I recently went through all my old shit because I'm looking for stuff to sell, and found a bunch of Magic cards. I thought I'd check if I can sell my deck seeing as I haven't touched it in ages. To those of you who play, can you tell me if its even worth trying to sell this thing? All the cards listed below are currently in my deck. I still have a bunch of other cards lying around so I think I can make some changes. So if you could give me tips of how I could boost it up to maybe make it worth a little please tell me. Here's what I got:

Akroma's Vengeance (x1) [foil]
Serra Avatar (x1)
Ivory Mask (x1) [foil]
Ancestral Tribute (x1)
Sigil of the New Dawn (x1)
Angelic Chorus (x1)
Doubtless One (x2)
Foothill Guide (x1)
Stoic Champion (x1)
Secluded Steppe (x2)
Aven Soulgazer (x1)
Crowd Favorites (x1)
Second Thoughts (x2)
Battlefield Medic (x1)
Daru healer (x1)
Winds of Rath (x1)
Grassland Crusader (x1)
Disciple of Grace (x1)
Renewed Faith (x2)
Gustcloak Harrier (x2)
Angelic Wall (x1)
Shield of Duty and Reason (x1)
Abandoned Outpost (x1)
Piety Charm (x1)
Starlight Invoker (x1)
Mystic Zealot (x1)
Serene Offering (x1)
Shelter (x1)
Demistify (x1)
Plains (x14)

Thanks guys
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it might be, but you'll have to list each individual card (or set of 4 or whatever) on ebay.. i've always found it extremely difficult to get actual cash for cards
so it'd be wiser to sell the more valuable ones (if there are any) separately rather than the whole deck?
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WTF? Where is the point of your deck, I cant see some neat combo, nor enough speed of power to make a worthy aggro, what's left for control... I suggest to sell everithing exept the ivory mask and the stoic champion (who is actually really ****ing good, just too few people realise it) and with the money buy some neat stuff with an idea what you want to play and how.
sell the valuable ones individually, and the rest as a bulk.

Just put the shit ones on ebay like "x amount of random cards!"

and put like 2 rare ones in there and go + 2 rares!

It's what i did
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Thanks for the replies so far....I don't plan on buying more magic cards since I gave that up years ago...but I have a shoe box full of other cards so maybe I can sell all that....its actually where I used to hide my cigs from my parents so it smells kinda weird

nevertheless...most cards are in little foil thingies and in good condition
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