I have been playing for years but ive never really got into pedals. I play mainly metal, through my Randall RX120 120w SS amp, and ive always thought the distortion on it was allright.

Anyway will i benefit from a distortion pedal at all? How will it sound compared to the distortion in my amp? Also with a dist pedal, do u rock the amp on clean or dirty?
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If you like the distortion on your amp, don't get a pedal, it won't sound as good. Oh wait did you say solid state amp, in that case i don't know, i'd have to hear said amp and pedal, be your own judge i guess.

Tube amp distortion>pedal distortion
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I'm not sure how well your amp takes pedals and if it sounds good enough already.But I don't run pedals on my dist channel,makes if fizzy and ****.
Any way pedals are good to give you a volume bosst in solos.
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The distortion on it should be plenty really.

I dont think you'd benefit at all from a distortion or boost due to the amp being solid state, if you are happy with what you've got, keep it, dont let people here try and push you into a new amp, especially since SS randalls are good for what they do

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Dude do what I do anytime I wonder about things like that - drag your axe & amp into a music store and try a few... its failproof