OK so i remember when I was young there was this cartoon, it had the Jetsons in it, FLinstones, a bunch of cartoon characters mashed into one. They all had there own cars and it was a big huge race . The cars had like weapons kinda, like gadgets and stuff. Rocky and Bulwinkle where in it too i believe. Maybe it was a movie or something..but i thought it was a cartoon season.

Does anyone know what show im talking about? What was the name!!
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It's called a trip.
You'll be back to reality in around an hour.

I agree.

No but I did watch something like that before too, I dont recall the name though.
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Yep. It was Wacky Races

yeah, i think its this.
I remember those kinda shows on Cartoon Network.
THey used to be like summer special shows n all...

I loved that show

Mutley ftw.
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What was that show on adult swim where they were standing around a biscuit and were racing to do something, what was that called again, soggy something?
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Hahaha, I just realised I wrote "Jeffersons" instead of "Jetstones".....

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It's Racky Waces.

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