For pub rock and metal.

Pub rock sounds easy. Bar chords and pentatonic scales. Anything else i should know?

Metal is a bit harder with all the various sub genres.Any techniques and scales that would help? All i have on my list is sweep picking, nailing the minor scale (for some reason i never learned it) and to perfect my pinch harmonics. Anything else?

Honestly, there's nothing special you need to do for any genre, you just learn to play the guitar. Stuff like pinch harmonics and sweep picking are far from an essential techniques - if you want to learn them then fair enough but you shouldn't feel that they're essential.

If you want to to be a bar-room band then the most important thing is to have a massive set list to draw from, the more songs you can play and the more genres you can span the more work you'll get. Also learning a load of different songs that encompass different styles is a great way to progress and get proficient with the instrument...the songs you want to play dictate the techniques you'll need to learn.
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