Not sure, where to really post this..
I figure it goes here, since..we're talking about the basics..and that's what I want to learn..

Here's a link to my intro/story:

If you don't feel like reading it, basically after a year and a half of slacking and messing around just learning stuff I liked, I want to take it back, and start from the basics, I have no clue how to tune, do things by ear, I don't know what minor and majors are, octaves, metronome, etc..are.. blahblah, it's all a different language to me.
If anyone in Oregon, around the Beaverton/Portland area knows of any good, guitar teachers, it'd be awesome if you could share the info with me.
And I'll tell whoever it is, that YOU referred me
dude i highly doubt anyone would know...sorry..

but yeah its probably a good thing you start over, do you know any chords??
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