Okay some guys may remember me talking about a new amp months ago. The thing is, the school is giving me about 3800 bucks to spend, and ofcourse i don't need all of this since i've alerady paid for most of the stuff. Now wat i want to do is to get a amp finally,instead of playing on my bad Microcube.

As always, i want a fat and kinda beefy tone, i play Metal mostly, but could also play some rock and blues. I have a G400 which i don't have any plan getting rid of jet, i love it and i'll keep it.

Some guys have told me to get a Randall amp, or Peavey Valvestate, but i would like your opinions again :p Money is listed above.
What is that in terms of US dollars, or is it listed in US dollars?
Get a SLO or a 5150III
I'd say a Mesa Dual Rectifier or an ENGL Powerball
Incredibly versatile amps
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Splawn!! SLO, Matchless etc.

Why are the school giving you 4 grand??!!
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how much of that are you spending on an amp, and do you want a combo or a half/full stack?

Engls, if you have THAT kind of money, are amazing amps. As well as Soldanos, or a Marshall JCM800 and a tube screamer/noise gate. Either the Framus Dragon or Cobra, also, are great amps if you can afford them.
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