Heyy I've been playing for a year and about 4 months. I read all this stuff on the site about people doing gigs, but I've never done one....Kinda stupid question, but is that normal? I've played my guitar for friends and at camp, but I've never really played a gig.....My dad wants me to play on stage at this giant party we go to every year; would that be good experiance? Also I don't know if I know enough to play a gig, I only know a few songs with solos and I know a bunch of fingerstyle songs.
yes it is normal. i've been playing for 3.5 years and i had my first gig a month ago.

playing at the party would be a good start, just make sure you know your songs really well. try not to focus on the nervousness - just focus on guitar.

there is no set amount of stuff you need to know before you perform. as long as you feel you can perform, then go for it.
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I've been playing for over 4 years and it wasn't until i joined a band that I really felt that I could play onstage. If you play on stage, be SURE that you know some songs, pref. songs that everyone knows or just be honest and tell them you're not ready, your dad should understand.
If you feel like you know your songs well enough than go for it.
I had my first gig with my guitar teacher after a little over a year of playing I think.