Hi, I'm gonna play "The longest line" by NoFx in front of some people and I want to play some other easy songs, can anyone recommend a good easy punk song? I can only play the acoustic version of any songs. I prefer songs by the bands Rancid, NoFx, Anti-Flag, or some band like that. I want to cover the song "Olympia wa" by Rancid, but I can't figure out the strumming pattern in this guy's cover, any help?

Alot of Black Flag songs are easy, six pack, nervous breakdown etc.
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aaaahahahaha. If you can find a hard punk song, let me know.

JK, not really, but almost all punk songs are a few power chords played pretty fast with variations to the strumming pattern. So almost any punk song will be pretty easy.
Nofx -

my vagina
your wrong

Eye of fatima
what happened
n e thing off the aucoustic album is easy
um, the ramones
the sex pistols
anything punk really.
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if anyone could post something similar to what mullet 318 posted that would help, thanks!