hey guys,

im a new guitar player and have been using my roland micro cube 15 for over a year now, but would like to upgrade to something a little more powerfull . i mostly play post hardcore / metalcore in drop tuning and am not looking to pay more than $300.
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Try to find a used Peavey Ultra off craigslist. There is a head on the YYZ site for $300 OBO but you would need a cab to run it. I would say be patient and search clist toronto daily.
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Please, Please, Please understand that a $300 dollar budget isn't going to get you much better than the cube for your metal, even in the used world. Save up more money, then come back. But if you must have recommendations,

Vypyr, 299.99


Cube 30 245.99
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any line 6 amp. just because it will be the most flexible if you are not looking to spend a lot.

my man up top is right though, 300 will just get you shit. save up at least 500. there is no reason to buy gear you will need to replace again within a year.
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