Whats your Internet Homepage?
Mines Google
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It just opens up the tabs I had open when I closed the browser. At the moment that's gmail, TB, AtlasF1, UG, Facebook, my uni email etc.
mines google follwed up by tabs that open up when i start firefox. Google, UG, youtube, and the pirate bay

i can't be arsed changing it you see
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Mines blank page
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Mine is uk.yahoo.com sicne I have me a Yahoo emial address.
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I've got firefox, so i've got 4.

I have www.airliners.net (Aviation website, i'm a proper closet plane geek ), Myspace, Bebo, and facebook. Facebook shall be going because the new one sucks balls.
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I've had this open since someone mentioned it in chat. Very useful.

I clicked on it and it shouted at me to go to bed

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google....... the iGoogle thing

its sweet as hell, I've got my email, calender and RSS feeds all visible at once, as well as weather for my home town and some bookmarks to my favourite websites

wiki, google, hotmail and UG.
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