I have psychology Tuesday and Thursday, it's a morning class at 9:30.

Last Thursday, i had a test, but my alarm didn't go off, and i slept right through the class, and never took the test.

Then today, my alarm didn't go off again, and i slept right through the class AGAIN. It looks like something is wrong with my alarm, and it just wont go off at this certain time. The alarm will go off for all of my other classes, but Tuesday and Thursday, it wont go off.

So now my professor probably wont believe that happened twice in a row, and i probably cant retake that test.

God this sucks!
How screwed are you?


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Suck his dick, that'll make everything better.

I lol'd...doggy style for that A+.

Im posting this because im pretty mad about it.

And to the person who asked if it was to hard to set my alarm a few minute earlier:

Its not very hard, but i just had to learn my alarm was broken the hard way, which sucks.
new alarm.
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anally screwed
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You honestly sleep for hours past your alarm if it doesn't go off? I usually wake up 15 minutes before it goes off, go back to sleep, and then wake up when it goes off.

Oh, and you're screwed.
To be honest the best thing would be to get some sleep

Go to bed a few hours earlier for a few nights first usually sorts your waking problem.
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You honestly sleep for hours past your alarm if it doesn't go off? I usually wake up 15 minutes before it goes off, go back to sleep, and then wake up when it goes off.

Oh, and you're screwed.

I do that too sometimes...I wake up and then I think...that bastard is gonna go off right when I close my eyes...and it does.

holla body clockz


use google calender. they send msgs to your phone for free. its awesome. i usually set 5 for each morning just to act as an extra alarm for when i sleep in
Not very screwed. You probably won't remember this in a years time.
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And you posting this why?

Huge +1. Sucks to be you, TS. We don't really give a damn about your alarm here. I would think you had the sense to fix your alarm the first time it didn't go off.

I find your predicament highly amusing.
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The first time i thought i might have just not set something right or something. Its just now that I've realized the actual alarm is messed up.
i stick by my advice. you would be well advised to take it you oversleeping bastard

Sanity is not statistical
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How screwed am i?


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