Poll: V-Neck T shirts - Gay or Awesome?
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153 62%
93 38%
Voters: 246.
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I have a gay friend who wears them, so I guess he can pull it off, but other than that, I don't know...
I say nay.

But then again, I wear like... 3 things. Regular collar T-shirts, Jeans, and baseball caps.

That's about it.
Very gay.
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what if we don't like v-neck t's, but also don't find them to be homosexual?
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My girlfriend finds v necks hot, so if I'm getting laid for wearing one v necks=/= gay.

..but yeah they're pretty gay.
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I have a black Hilfiger V-neck t-shirt. It's awesome.

But that's just because i'm wearing it.

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they are super gay.
people that wear them get huge-i-fied wangs from other men.
my opinion.
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If you know how to wear them, they're awesome but otherwise..
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i believe at on point i used to have a lot of v-necks. Then as i started to notice them becoming more and more poopular...they just stopped being worn through no conscious decision i made. Its as if my shirts started to think...hey, **** this loser, we're popular!

****ing shirts

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I own a single V-neck t-shirt, so although I think it's too strong a word, I'm gonna have to say they're badass. Or find something to suck on...
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I bought a black tshirt a little while ago, didn't realise it was a V Neck; my mum saw it was a V neck and took the piss - I didn't get it.

True story.
Pretty gay, yeah.
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ive been procrastonating buying one for like the last 3 months...id like a v-neck in red.
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Gay, but because some idiotic urban tribe of Argentina (floggers) use them all the time.
This is a flogger:


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I like them but they are nowhere close to badass.
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i have v neck shirt, i like them, and im totally not gay

im wearing one now actually

but not the low v neckt but jsut, you know, not too low
I used to hate V necks but I bought one today, and I must say I like it.
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So shirts can be homosexual now?


it gives a whole new meaning to teh term "V neck"
They're cool with me if you can pull them off.
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I have friends who see much more action from the ladies than I and all they wear are white v necks. Personally I hate them, I wear plain white shirts with normal necks like in my pic.
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They make me feel naked.

That's what's so great about them.

I say yay, but my new school says nay.
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They're cool with me if you can pull them off.

this is just begging to be sigged...
If I wear one I have to wear an undershirt.
grok it.


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If I wear one I have to wear an undershirt.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the v part?
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Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the v part?

I think so.
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