are they really worth it?
ive been playing bass for 2 years and now playing guitar for about 6 months
is it really worth getting guitar lessons?
Well, it helps, I'll tell you that. But, if you've been self taught for a long time, there's no point getting lessons, mainly because you'll know most of the things that you're gonna be taught. The things you don't know, you can find out on the internet, because there's so much stuff availble out there to help you, added to the ability to play guitar well. If that makes sense

I'm doing better than my mate whos being taught by a teacher, and I'm self taught. So yeah. It depends if you think you need the boost or not.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
I'm self taught and I doing alright
I used a guitar course called jamarama (it's really good)
but, i have finished the course and i dont know where to go from here.
so I think lessons could be worth it and it's more dicaplined so if you really dont want to do scales you have to anyway and in the long run it's good.
So I dont know but, i've done very well by myself un till now...
i am self-taught. i haven't taken any formal lessons from a teacher. it's been good. i do not intend to get a teacher.
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