They have a faded finish.
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- One has a high-gloss finish, and is an awful guitar.
- The other has a very dull matte finish, and is also an awful guitar.

Save up more and get a Standard, you'll regret it if you don't. Or if you can't possibly save up any more money, spend that same money on an Epiphone Elitist, Tokai, or ESP copy instead - they're in the same price range as the Gibson Studios but are built, sound and play far better.
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the finish on the faded is junked, and the overall quality is shoddy, esp. for Gibson. the studio is a decent guitar, but you're paying 50% for that gibson logo on the top. ESP, Agile, and a handful of other brands make gorgeous LP's with better quality and hardware, for much much less
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the finish is faded on the other guitar, no gloss. i think the studios are a hit and miss. play them before buying. i'd prefer an Epi Elitist Les Paul over a Gibson LP Studio.
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