Yeah I know there are way too many of these and I've posted some before but I could use some input here. So you can check out my gear here in my sig but yeah I'm thinking about upgrading my stock pickups to an 81 bridge/60 neck combo for yes, a Metallica tone (don't flame me or the tone). Any input for this choice regarding my circumstance? Any drawbacks/better recommendations?

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that would work, go for it
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sure, if you use their amps.
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EMG 81 is good for much more than metallica and the EMG 61 is said to be their best sounding clean pickup. The Les Paul is pretty versatile too tone wise, so there's no reason to bash that potential tone. But like it's been said so many times:
1- Forget about achieving the metallica tone
2- Tone comes a lot more from amps and effects than from guitar and pickups
But even if you don't get their tone, you'll be pretty happy with the EMGs
Not really worth the effort or expense with your current amp
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