What do you do when there's only one, there's only one who could save you?
Your so-called hero, but he runs and he runs, leaving you out to dry.
Then one day he runs and he runs, only to never return.
Three days later, there's a closed casket, and only you to mourn.

When your hero falls from grace, all fairytales are uncovered.
Myths exposed, your pain magnified, the greatest pain discovered.
You taught me to be strong, but I'm confused to see you so weak.
You told me never to give up, and it pains me to see you welcome defeat.

When your hero falls, the stars happen to fall too.
Everything I believed in, everything about you.
Without the perception of tomorrow, I am left alone to deal with my sorrow.
So my heart ceases to work, and my soul escapes this hollow.
What am I to do, when my only hero falls?

Letting go doesn't take heart, just a lack of it.
So forget, don't regret. And live again.

(Part credits to Tasha-Dee Cahill)