What is a good song for a intermediate skill level band to play?.. We'll play anything from classic rock (i.e. Eric Clapton) to 80's Metal (Iron Maiden).
Could you list a couple of songs..

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Livewire by Motley Crue. Layla by Clapton, or Derick and the Dominoes. Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions would be a pretty cool song to do.
do a medley of i cum blood and through the fire and flames. that'd be epic my friend.
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i vote something anthem-y. like ac dc, scorpions, or maybe whitesnake.
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1.)play some some songs that girls like
2.)get laid
3.)write a song about getting laid
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1.)play some some songs that girls like
2.)get laid
3.)write a song about getting laid


Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls

Chicks like Poison (Talk Dirty to Me, Nothin but a good time), AC/DC ( Highway to Hell, Back in Black, You shook me). Cinderella (Shake Me, Somebody Save Me, Gypsy Road) are also danceable and get female body parts all jiggly and moist.

Buck Cherry - Lit up, Crazy Bitch. Lit up is easy, Crazy Bitch is a little more challenging.

Anthem stuff was a good suggestion. I love a lot of the stuff from the 70's, but I just don't think a lot of it translates to a good energy live performance when covered.

I swear, if I hear Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" one more time in a bar, I'm gonna shove a talk box so far down the guitarist's throat that his a$$ will "wah-wah" every time he farts.

Stranglehold by Nugent is a great song, but a 7 minute solo will send everyone out for a cigarette, whether they smoke or not.
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