OK here's what I got so far:

Verse 1:
Every once in a while
When the stars just won't shine
I'm thinkin of you

Your picture clearly in mind
Your beauty and smile
So sad but so true

Pre Chorus:
I know that there was once a time
When I was yours and you were mine
And all the stars were shining for us

But sometimes it's not meant to be
Sometimes things break suddenly
And there's nothing left for you to do

Verse 2:
Every once in a while
It's making me cry
These things that remind me of you
///3 lines missing (I want to keep the scheme of verse 1 in all the verses)

Pre Chorus

Chorus /no idea yet

Verse 3:
Every once in a while
It's making me smile
How fate just did what it pleased
///3 lines missing again

Pre Chorus 2:
I know that there will be a time
Then I'll be yours and you'll be mine
And all the stars are shining for us

And god will see that he's been wrong <––– not shure about the next 3 lines
And you and me just laugh along


So feel free to post your ideas. This song is based on what happened to me, but I think everyone here has experienced somethings similar so please help me and post your ideas.

Thanks in advance!
I'm sorry, but overall, the lyrics seem way to cliche'. You keep repeating yourself, using one-syllable words like "stars," "while," etc...I just don't see this as being very heartfelt, and there's a million other songs with lyrics like this. Try making it stand out a bit more from every other person's lyrics.

Just my two cents.