Yeah, well I'm gettin' a job soon and I wanna get a new guitar and possibly get a new amp. And it's just for practicing and jammin' w/friends and stuff. I play heavy metal and thrash metal. I was thinkin' of gettin' and ESP EX or V, A B.C. Rich Warlock, or an Ibanez RG3EXFM1. I want somethin' w/good pickups and that sounds and looks METAL (and doesn't cost more than $600)! For amps, I was thinkin' of a Marshall Mg or Randall. Nuttin' crazy. No more than 50-60 watts and somewhere between $500-$600 for the amp. I currently have a Line 6 Spider III 15w.
Any suggestions?
I suggest you don't consider the MG.

For $450 I'd be all over this 5150 combo.

While not ideal for metal on it's own this Delta Blues with the right stomp box would go there and open up other genres as well. $375.

And these would leave you more cash for the guitar. The Randall RG50tc is $550 new, the Bugers 333XL would also be an amp to check out.
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Didn't you JUST make this thread in GG&A?
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Didn't you JUST make this thread in GG&A?

Yeah, but I didn't get many responses there so I wanted to try my luck here.