hey so i wonderin if anyone cud give any tips on how to write songs like jason wade frm lifehouse

he is my favourite songwriter and would love to be able to write like him
hey im a huge lifehouse fan so before i give you a long explanation on how to write like jason. i need to be sure that youre gonna respond to my message. so if you respond to this ill give you some tips
the only tip i have for u is this, if u want to write like Jason, u have to write from ur heart. write about te world and everything in it, and about how it makes u feel. find some way to express everything u are and what u believe in and put it on paper. and remember, u are u, and jason is jason, no matter how much like someone else u may want to be, u have to find ur own way and stick to it. take pride in all of ur successes and failures and good luck with whatever life brings u.
A little advice I have is even though he is your favourite songwriter, don't try to write exactly like him because if you don't write as well as him, you will get disappointed and doubt yourself, which makes it really hard to write lyrics. Also you run the risk of writing similar songs, as you will subconciously be thinking of his songs as you write your own.
thank yu both
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