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Well i have this thing with aprroximately 6 strings i think called a fender 50's classic strat, i like this guitar pretty much.. it is a mexican build, but it rocks, allthough that because of it being a 50's classic, the pickups aint very good for rock / metal stuff, and i think about getting a new one, well i love the neck pickup for its tone, i never used the midle pickup and it just sounds like the neck pickup just a little thinner in the sound, and then the very trebly and thin brighe pickup which has a very different style which i wanna keep, so out with the middle one.. but then putting in a distortion sort of pickup.. should that be placed in the middle slot? or in the brigde slot? (then putting the brigde in the middle)?

Also i wonder if people have some good ideas about which pickup to get? i should be singlecoil sized for technical reasons (the pickguard is 8 holes, and i have never seen an HSS with 8 holes, the normal is 11, again the reissue thing)
also i don't mind if i can't do fingerpicking with it(i keep the other pcikups) just need it for distortion thing..

i like bands such as opeth, dream theater, symphony x, children of bodom (early stuff) and a bit of trash metal..
well .. You could put a rail , like those Iron Maiden .

and I believe it would be good in the bridge
yeah, rail in the bridge for metal, not much point in putting a distortion pickup in the middle for metal.
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That's not going to work at all - if you want a "distortion" type pickup you put it in the bridge position, but the old bridge pickup won't sound the same in the middle...it'll just sound like the old middle pickup. .Where you mount a pickup has a massive effect on how it sounds.
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