So i have an old encore strat that ive took apart, im planning on customizing it and turning into a guitar that i can play ska and maybe some clasic rock on...

my plan is this:

sand body and spray a vibrant orange

replace pick guard with pre-wired pickgaurd with one humbucker and one volume control

replace tuners and jack socket with higher qaulity components that are also black

paint back of neck and headstock with some punkish skater design thing (yea i need to work on this), possibly just spray the neck white and go over with black marker and coat it.


I plan on getting my part's from guitar fetish, it seems quite cheap and the parts seem pretty good for the prices.

could i just use regular auto spray paint for the painting of the guitar, id be painting straight over the current paint (once ive sanded it and roughed it so the paint will have something to stick to, the current paint is black).

I was thinking i could have this going all the way down the neck, may have the neck black and paint this orange or vice versa

Hardware ill be buying



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Cool design. GFS has some nice stuff, but you would be better off ordering seperate pickup and pickguard. GFS pickups are better than the no-name wired ones i think. As long as you like the neck and body shape, go for it. I kinda like the orange and black. I think it would be cool to do a Mustang-esque black stripe near the contour, but idk.
hmm i think it'd look pretty cool with a strip on or two, im not sure about tiger, i dont really like tiger stripe, but i suppose its something i could look into.

by the way i edited my post and added some hardware i was thinking of buying, i want to make this simple since its my first mod, hence the one pick up (wich i think looks cool to be honest).

could some one point me to a decent soldering iron and wire plus some spray paint and coats ( im in the uk), i hve googled but i cnat find any decent spray paints etc =/

Ive been looking at more stuff, for spray paint i was thinking of this.

(the orange colour)

(i thought this would come in handy)

(clear coat)

Also ive just actaully realised that my strat is routed for SSS pickup's, would it be alright to just chisel some extra room out, i dont have a router or a drill press, so i was thinking if just chisel light enough to extract the required wood, but not hard enough to split the wood, that should work right? (im not botherd if it looks messy, ill be putting the pick gaurd over it)

EDIT: was also thinking of buying this to go with the black hardware
(would it fit an encore strat?)
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