Ok, so I noticed a problem I have never had before. When i was bending on the high e string, i realized i had to bend it further than usual to hit the right pitch. I figured i was out of tune and pulled out my trusty digital tuner. All my strings were in tune open. However, when I fretted them at the 12th and ran them through the tuner, the bottom three, EAD, were still in tune, but the top three GBe, were all flat. Is there a way I can correct this problem, possibly by adjusting the bridge perhapts? Thanks in advance for any help.
the term for that is your intonation is out. it means that the open strings are in tune, but the fretted notes are out. its easy to fix, just take it to a shop and they can fix it and show you.

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Don't waste your money on a shop. It's easy to fix, just let us know what kind of bridge you have.
Yes this means your intonation is out. Have a search for it on google. In short you will have to move the bridge saddles towards the neck to correct flat intonation ( I think that's the right way if i remember correctly)
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If you click the link in my post, it's the same thing as the picture labeled "Fixed Bridge Gibson Style," you just don't have the stop tail since your guitar is string-through.
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