Im not sure if there is already a thread about this but i'm going to ask anyway... I know Dan Briggs uses spector basses but what model?

Also, I am looking into spector basses cause from hearing Dan Briggs play one and Arif Mirabdolbaghi from protest the hero playing one, I really started to like them. Right now I am playing John Myung's 6 String Yamaha his first model and its running through a Mark Bass Little Mark II. Any one have any opinion or anything to say about spector basses? Thanks
Well i really like thm ive only played the spector legend and rehop sereis and really like them both. Go check out spectors website to find the model or wikipedia but ya there good bass's
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Id quote the info for you, but im lazy, and my internet on this computer is slow =(

Just type in "Dan Briggs" in the advanced search under Bass Forums, and one of the results on the list is a thread done a while ago on him, with his full rig and info. Good choice by the way =D As for Arif, i remember hearing somewhere he uses one of the Spector Euro models, but dont hold it against me if im wrong