After falling in love with this song and playing it about 200 times, ive decided to come here to ask whether anyone can recomend me any other songs/artists which have the simplicity, yet soul and beauty of this song. It really made me realise how beautiful music can be, and it makes me feel all loved up about everything. Yes i know i sound like a right hippy, but it seriously makes me feel like that. So can someone give me directions to more treasure?
Any Satriani. Also Tommy Emmanuel.
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Kwl ill give them all a listen. Im already into vai quite a it, so i know what you mean. Can someone give me specific song examples as well?
always with me, always with you
ten words

both satriani

great songs
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Wow thanks for the advice guys. I've got them all now, and am loving 'ten words', 'friends' and 'always with me, always with you' loads. Yes all the Satch songs basicly.

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