Yeah, I'm new here. I play guitar and write songs. But I've been noticing its quite tough for me to actually create a rhythm, both in lyrics and in my guitar notes. My writing, note wise, isn't that bad. But the rhythm and actual lyrics aren't that good. In the end, I often find myself mimicking the tune of a song I heard that day, its not meant, it just, well, happens.

Are their any tips you guys could give me, possibly?

I think it's natural to mimick something stuck in your head. I find myself doing it all the time. To me, it's about finding a variation of that, to evoke the same feel while making it your own. And do you know any music theory? If not, learn it. Period. It's ridiculously complex in the later stages, but it is ridiculously helpful. Also, invest in a drum machine/program, or even a metronome. It will help you keep rhythm.

Lyrically, take your time. You won't write a masterpiece in 5 minutes, even if you've been writing lyrics your entire life. And as for your music, try variations. Try out bends, slides, etc to make the piece more interesting. And chords. Use chords. They really bring out the overall feel of the piece.