What kind of gear(amps, guitars) would be perfect to nail the distorted, soulful tone sublime uses on Under My Voodoo and Pawn Shop off their self-titled album? Also, what kind of amp settings would be good for nailing this tone?
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Amps, I'm not sure. Guitar, anywhere from Fender HSS to some kind of Ibanez (I think Brad used a Ibanez Sabre [or something like that] at the beginning of his career). As for the general tone, I find that

Bass- 8.5
Mid- 4-5
Presence (if available) 3-4.

Bass- 8.5
Mid- 4-5
Treble- 10/max
Presence (If available) 3-4
Gain: Anywhere from 3-5.5 (It varies with the song)

Thats what I used when i tried out a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp with a fender HSS, and it sounded right on.

Further more, on that specific guitar, for distorted tones, it sounds best when you put the pick up switch to the left-most position(The darkest sound), but for the clean tones, it sounds best when you put it to the right-most position (Brightest sound).

Hope this helps.
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