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Just logged on to budmail and they're shutting down, what appears to be at least the entirety of it's international website!!!

Budmail World Closure Notice...

Due to personal fatigue and other unforeseen circumstances, I am shutting down this website and this service.

If you've already sent payment for your order, or you have a pending order - no worries - it will be filled with the remaining product we have left.

After all existing/pending orders are filled, we will close.

I encourage you to email me with your current and previous budmail accounts, so that I can clear them from our database.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at budmail@hushmail.com.

Thanks for your loyal support over the years,

it was fun while it lasted...

Best Regards,

This is such a shame...now where will i get my awsome online weed!!!
You're So Scene Right Now ^_^

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